Video tour of the pre-auction exhibition "From Red to Yellow and Blue"
November 25th, 2017
From Red To Yellow And Blue
From Red To Yellow And Blue

The paintings represented at the "From Red To Yellow and Blue" Auction have been proven through, wide exposure in various exhibitions, some have been featured in monographic publications and periodicals.

The selection has been carried out on the basis of the artistic rating with special respect to the art market demands and the artist's representation on the museum level. Other important factors include: the painter's involvement in establishing a particular trend of school, the character of his creative pursuits or pioneering approaches, as well as his participation in major artistic events.

The auction's collection paintings serve to illustrate different trends in Ukrainian art beginning from the 1950's.

Artists in the post-Khrushchyov period are extensively represented. Their works have undergone a test of time and provide a glimpse back into the 1960's-1970's.

The collection also includes the works by painters who chose to adhere to the socialists' realistic trend.

A part of the collection familiarizes visitors with conspicuous creative quests of artists active in the area of modem modern figurative painting. Within the constraints outlined we can speak (through with a certain degree of approximation) of the post-avant-garde, neo-impressionism and neo-expressionism trends.

We cherish a hope that the works of art offered for sale will find their owners, and that auction aims in creating a more progressive promotion of Ukrainian art market will thus be achieved.

Auction Regulations
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The selection of the auction "From Red To Yellow And Blue" includes works by well-known masters of socialist realism and works by contemporary young artists.
The selection of the auction "From Red To Yellow And Blue" includes works by well-known masters of socialist realism and works by contemporary young artists.
KUPAVA Auction House
KUPAVA Auction House
The KUPAVA Auction House is to be held with the aim to further broaden a scope of the art market and to replenish it with works of art that have gone through appropriate assessments by art experts.

The Auction House organizers intend:

  • to draw the attention of the general art public to major phenomena on the contemporary art scene;
  • to provide landmarks in the advancement of Ukrainian art, with a special focus on creative quests of the most representative artists;
  • to set a precedent of a discriminative approach acquiring pieces of art, having in mind the particular painter's rank, the art marketing appraisal and a scope of his representation in art collections, galleries and museums;
  • to furnish informative guidelines for art collectors and art lovers in various spheres of Ukrainian art, guidelines established under the influence of Ukrainian national school, which evaluate artistic realities with the world art context;
  • to provide a financial rating for the painters-participants, taking into account their creative achievements and art critics' response.
The organizers of the auction house are experts in the art market: experts, managers, gallery owners.
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