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Ми аукціонний будинок, який спеціалізується на Українському мистецтві останніх 100 років.  

Раді Вас бачити на нашому сайті!  Все буде Україна! 

About us

The auction house has existed since 2016 and is a guarantee of quality, because it employs a large team of professionals. Works from the private collection of Lyudmila and Yevhen Bereznytsky, which belong to the antique reversible part of the collection, are sold at auctions. 



Creation of a movement of private collecting, which becomes a time of cultural circulation of Ukrainian art in various public areas in Ukraine and abroad. Much of the proceeds from the auction are earmarked   for the development of non-profit fund projects and funding for young artists' projects.



At the Kupava auction house you can buy works by Ukrainian artists of socialist realism, nonconformism, and contemporary art. We provide high-quality selection of works and expert opinions conducted by full-time and part-time specialists.

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